Washing and maintenance of Roman blinds

Repair, including disassembly and assembly, of curtains as well as sewing and laundry and cleaning services

Roman blinds are now a particularly popular trend thanks to their stunning design. These are custom-made curtains that are custom-made, with a clean look and a variety of fabrics and styles.

Roman blinds connect to a sophisticated electric central system, which are suitable for smart homes. The systems control the amount of light in the house and are used not only for decoration but also for shading and help with cooling the house.

There is only one problem: their maintenance.

When the Roman curtain breaks or a problem arises, the companies in the country refuse to do so and offer to buy new curtains. Wait! Repairing Roman curtains is a business for the pros, but just for that you have Oded, who owned Vertical, a curtain manufacturing factory that sold to shops and architects for 20 years.

When they come up with problems for companies in the country they replace them, these are expensive curtains. You can renovate and repair the curtains and save a lot of money without throwing away and without replacing – exactly according to Wintouch’s worldview.

Oded also offers sewing of Roman blinds in case of need.

Another important service offered to customers: laundry for Roman blinds. One needs to know how to disassemble them from the mechanical system, when inside the fabric there are dents into which rods and accessories go. This is not a simple job that requires professionalism and knowledge.

All services are provided to the customer’s home – collection and return.

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