About Myself

Oded Yehuda Tlusty has dozens of years’ experience renovating and preserving furniture. As a professional woodworker, he can preserve, maintain, reconstruct and redesign kitchens, doors and furnishing.

What is interior preservation? Interior preservation is a new method for renovating your house without destroying it: Repairing, reconstructing, restoring the old and making it new again thus creating a unique look for all rooms in the house.

My phone number: 050-7322960

The advnateges of furniture restoration

Cost: A lot of money can be saved over by renovating instead of replacing furniture.

Uniqueness: Antique furniture adds a unique feel to your house.

Ecology: By renovating instead of replacing, we create less trash and reduce our carbon footprint

Renewing the house - a wining touch

Nowadays, most woodworkers deal with replacing and building new furniture. I deal with preserving and renewing. I cut, file, dye, repair and renovate while keeping cost to a minimum.

Ecology and sustainability

Woodworking means a lot more to me than a job, it’s my passion as well as profession. I also believe that we all have a responsibility to take care of our planet. That means reducing trash generation and must less deforestation.

Old fashioned look

Were your windows painted over many times? Beneath all these layers of paint, there is a beautiful wood lining just waiting to be revealed. Windows and doors made by old-fashioned woodworking are much better than the current mass-production furniture. Restoration of doors and windows will give the apartment a charming and unique look that can’t be replicated by mass-produced aluminum doors and windows.

A new kitchen without replacing the old one

Once you have replaced your kitchen, you will have to replace the tiles, plumbing, ceramics, and electricity. Wintouch hasa different philosophy- the goal is to renew the kitchen by repairing flaws, and building on the better foundation of antique while maintaining the kitchen’s aesthetics and uniqueness.

Kintsugi- broken is beautiful

Kintsugi is a Japanese design style that finds beauty and depth in broken pieces. Was an old item broken? Don’t rush to throw it away! You can glue the pieces together and instead of hiding the fractures, you can use golden glue to make it stand out instead. Flaws can become aesthetic beauty that tell the item’s history.

Professional record

Technical Development Department of the Military Industries:
Cutting, chiseling, whetting, welding

Putting an electric fence at the Jordan valley:
Managing 100 workers from Alenbi bridge to the Komran caves

Vertical Ltd. – manufacturing and marketing of curtains:
Became a chain store. Vast experience with field experts /and architects

A veteran at the company “Midrag”:

Kitchen carpentry, apartment renovation and restoration, doors, furniture, and windows.


Israel, Discont Bank, Hapoalim Bank, Military Industry, Teva, Menora, Migdal, Ministry of Defense, Israel Airport Authority, Nizba, IBM, Amdux, Yediot Ahronot, Amidar, Herzog Fux Neeman. Dudu Topaz, David Kribushky, Shoshana Aslan, Shai Bezeq, Arie Maliniac, Nava Semel, Shaul Aiznberg, Nurit hadif, Avri Gilad, Gila Almagor Noni Mozes and many others.