Renovate the kitchen without destroying it – this is what Oded does. Kitchen repairs, improvements and restorations that save a lot of money and add wonderful flavor.

Is there a leak? Moisture in closets or drawers? Wet walls? Smell of mold that refuses to go away? Old drawers that do not fit your needs? Instead of replacing everything, give the treatment to the winning touch called vintage: paint, opacity, formica repair, artistic painting, special filler, marble coating.

Besides, Oded also specializes in carpentry work at a level of professionalism that does not exist in the country: creating divided wooden drawers, turning old chests of drawers into kitchen cabinets, creating and expanding kitchen niches, replacing kitchen doors with eco-bamboo and countless upgrades that will give you an amazing, durable and authentic look.

Kitchen transfer

Dismantling, assembling, installing and restoring the kitchen - moving to another apartment with maximum savings

Personally made drawers and shelves

Carpentry work for effective and aesthetic storage on kitchen doors and cabinets

Replacing doors in the kitchen

Colorful bamboo for doors, cabinets and drawers Kitchen: ecological and beautiful

Cosmetic care for the doors

Formica problem? treatment and painting will redesign the kitchen with an amazing look and without replacing a single door

Sectioned drawer

Custom made natural wood drawers, tailored to your depth and needs

Repairs and upgrades for the kitchen

Expansion and preparation of a niche, shelves, upgrading the drawer, quiet slamming and more

Countertop for the kitchen- oak wood or bamboo?

Functional, aesthetic and cozy work surface, which adds warmth to the kitchen

Preservation and restoration of old kitchens

Save unnecessary money on renovation and enhance the value of the apartment thanks to an upgraded look and maximum functionality

Painting the kitchen

giving kitchen doors their classic look back: painting with a perfect level of finish

Replacing kitchen doors

High-quality plywood in a variety of colors and types, or spectacular bamboo doors