Wooden Doors and Windows

Restoring, renovating and preserving ancient and wonderful doors and fine wooden windows that have disappeared under piles of paint or rotted – this is art. Oded’s professional carpentry work is able to handle all types of doors and windows, both old and new.

Whether it is Bauhaus apartments with high ceilings or new apartments that are interested in a new design with an old-fashioned scent. Whether in technical repair or planting of an old vintage door. Whether it is replacing mechanisms for sliding doors of doors and wall cabinets, or in the direction of hinges, improving their tightness and locking. Whether it is painting doors or treating the dampness of the door in the bathroom

Accurate, aesthetic and functional that exactly fits the customer’s needs. When professionals recommend that you replace doors and windows, they are simply unable to provide another solution. Oded will save you expenses of tens of thousands of shekels and give results that will make those who enter the house say one word: wow

Renovation and restoration of an old front door in Tel-Aviv

Renovating antique wooden doors

Scrape, polish, clean, care and reveal the beauty that lurks behind the old doors

Rapairing and restoring wooden doors

Restoring wood, Replacing rails and mechanisms and renovating the room with a new amazing vintage look.

Repairing old sliding doors

Is the door stuck, broken or fidget? Everything is repairable and a lot of money can be saved

Dan Ben Amotz’s famous apartment at Jafa harbor

Maintenance work of windows, doors and furniture in one of the most beautiful apartments in the city