Replacing doors in the kitchen

Colorful bamboo for doors, cabinets and drawers Kitchen: ecological and beautiful

Doors and cognates are the first things you look at when you enter a kitchen, so when they are wet, they make the whole kitchen look bad. the kitchen unfortunately tends to get wet, and we have all seen cognates that pel log or get bloated.

Wintouch is effective, longlasting, aesthetic and ecological method- Replacing kitchen doors with bamboo.

It saves a lot of money since it does not require replacing marble, and the cognates themselves are usually good.

What is bamboo- firstly despite being similar to wood, it is not wood. The bamboo advantages over wood:

1 natural outstanding look- it can be painted with colors that promote appetite and provide maximum protection from wetness.

2 wetness proof and does not wear out- bamboo grows in water so it does not get damaged from water. Bamboo is a hard and strong material and kitchen doors made of it last tens of years.

3 ecological advantage-when you choose bamboo, you choose to be environment friendly. Think about it- when someone builds a new kitchen, somewhere in the workd many trees are cut and as a result of iy, lots of animal families lose their home- Ants, birds, spiders, squirls and so on. The bamboo material is like banana- it grows in tropical areas and constantly regrows- it is cut every rhree months and it immediately regrows itself.


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