Impregnation for wooden cabinets in rooms with high humidity

Maintenance and protection against water intrusion, mold and rot: Improving durability and strength of wood

Advantages of wood impregnation:

  • Improving wood strength
  • Improving water and moisture resistance
  • Lowering the amount of cracks in the wood

What is impregnation? A chemical with which to paint the wood. After drying for 24 hours, the wood is protected from moisture and humidity – external and internal sealing against water and dust penetrating into it. Impregnation creates resistance to wood also from fungi, mold, rot and pests like termites and worms.

After adding the impregnation, Oded paints the wooden cabinet according to the customer’s order. You can order different styles and colors and everything gets a beautiful look.

Oded performs routine maintenance and protection work for wooden cabinets in the bathroom. This way you can continue to maintain a beautiful, pleasant and flawless shower, without your shower causing the wood to decay sucks

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