Commemorating the people dear to us who left us is a job that requires a lot of sensitivity and a lot of creativity. In short, you need a professional who is both a professional and a man, or a man of the language of the past.

When customers ask to commemorate their loved ones, he first talks to them, hears and understands the story behind the commemorated and comes up with ideas and options for commemoration. Usually this is done through objects or personal items he left behind, or through his special life story.

It could be a figurine from old spare parts, or a repair of a decades-old Torah scroll. Or a ceramic work by an expensive company that is converted into a beautiful and special table for the living room.

Sometimes, commemoration is simply the repair, renovation, or recycling of an item identified with the person dear to us who has passed away. An old grandmother’s rocking chair, for example, which has become a breastfeeding chair for a baby – there is no more beautiful commemoration than this.

Signs of excellence of a deceased beloved father

Maintenance of a commemorative work for Dad who fought with honors in World War II

A ceramic work that has become a spectacular table

58 / 5,000 Translation results The ceramic image became the basis for a beautiful table that commemorated the dear friend

Restoration of a Torah scroll passed from grandfather to grandson

A 77-year-old book was pasted and re-bound, just before it was passed from grandfather to grandson

There is nothing like Dad – the commemorative figurine from spare parts

Parts that lay in the warehouse have become an exciting figurine that commemorates Avigdor's legacy

A broken phone that became a figurine commemorating a failed love

A personal story of a breakup between a father and his daughter, has become a figurine that symbolizes pain and insult

A figurine to commemorate the beloved dog

The deceased dog won a commemorative figurine from Dad's spare parts