The bathroom is naturally a room that puts the furniture in great exposure to moisture. And when it comes to wood or even bamboo which is more resistant to moisture – then a treatment is needed that will prevent rot, worms and defects.

Oded offers a service of impregnation – impregnation of chemicals into the wood in order to improve the properties of the wood and produce for it an element of preservation and disinfection.

Oded’s treatment in the shower room makes it possible to both preserve the existing wood and create a new and upgraded design – refreshing and unique that stays for a long time.

Impregnation for wooden cabinets in rooms with high humidity

Maintenance and protection against water intrusion, mold and rot: Improving durability and strength of wood

Turning old furniture into an element in the bathroom

Renovation, design and connection to plumbing: this is how an old dresser becomes a beautiful sink

Turn the explosion in the bathroom into scramble art.

Instead of replacing a bathtub, the black spot has become an art form with deep meaning