Washing cloth curtains

Washing, ironing and refreshing curtains of all types of fabrics require the work of a professional

Fabrics accumulate a lot of dust and preferably once a year should be washed or dry-cleaned.The fabrics need a professional hand that specializes in the type of fabric and the right care. Oded’s service reaches the customer’s house and includes disassembly and assembly, ironing, removing stains and refreshing the curtains.

There is no need to buy new ones and spend huge sums of money on curtains. Expensive fabrics – voile, cotton, silk or viscose fabrics – can cost NIS 1,500 per running meter and Oded’s service is a huge saving that keeps your curtains long-lasting, prevents replacement and mostly handles them professionally.

All this thanks to 20 years of experience in the curtain business – Oded was previously the owner of Vertical, a curtain manufacturing plant, which he sold to shops and architects and he knows the world of curtains in its own right.

Important to know: Do not wash the curtains in the heat because they shrink and then their size changes. There are fabrics that are washed at a low temperature and there are fabrics that should be washed in a dry cleaner due to their delicacy.

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