Turning old furniture into an element in the bathroom

Renovation, design and connection to plumbing: this is how an old dresser becomes a beautiful sink

A beautiful wooden dresser in the bathroom is a wonderful aesthetic upgrade, but it does not have to be a special order from a carpenter. Oded a great believer in the recycling – it is both ecological and special and beautiful. Because of this, his specialty is locating old furniture in various flea markets or even on the street or in a person’s home, and turning it into a dresser or closet in the bathroom.

In addition to renovating the old furniture, Oded creates an option for its connection to the plumbing. The sink in the picture in front of you was installed into an old dresser, which was redesigned, renovated and connected to the plumbing in the shower room. No one else has such a special element in the shower, it is a unique and beautiful design that gives character and differentiation to the bathroom.

Oded has already signed many works of cabinets and dressers that have become spectacular furniture in the shower – a towel cabinet, sink and other creative solutions.

So if you have a beautiful but old piece of furniture that you thought you would throw away, always remember that its purpose can be changed and recycled. You will not believe how many chests of drawers that were about to be thrown away, after painting and carpentry work by Oded, have become a sought-after item.

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