Turn the explosion in the bathroom into scramble art.

Instead of replacing a bathtub, the black spot has become an art form with deep meaning

Instead of replacing bathroom, turn the black stain into an art piece with deep meaning.

An explosion in an old lady’s bathroom was fixed by an instelator, but he left a hole at the concrete wallץ renovating the bathroom could cost as much as 100 thousand shekels, but Oded used the flaws to make an aesthetic and pleasing art piece. The costumer was not satisfied with Oded’s original offer of a golen covering around the wall. Oded used kintsugi in a diggrent way- he glud letters from scramble and formed meaningful words for her

That way, you can see her name, her husband’s name, and other meaningful words for her such as family, art, mom, mercy, thanks, and more.

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