This is a story about young and talented soldiers from unit 8200

Shahar came with a request to do a kintsugi on a broken mug.
this story is told word to word.
About 2 weeks after I got to team Koskos Ido finished his military service, a veteran soldier from the team.
In his farewell call, he gave to our commander Amit, a mug with the wording rashatz Koskos and different pictures of Koskos.
I did not understand the meaning of the words on the mug, but it seemed like Amit was really excited to get that present.
Apparently, it was a joke that started when someone in the office sent emails to all of the soldiers about our days off and instead, they wrote Amit by mistake.
Rashatz Koskos (our team’s name is Koskos)
To me it sounds a bit stupid, but the entire thing happened during the corona virus outbreak, friends meetings were really rare and team bonding activities didn’t happen at all.
Sadly one early morning Amit came to the office and his mug fell and broke, but instead of throwing it he decided to keep it and fix it one day.
A couple months after the incident, which didn’t look significant at all. The team changed a couple more times, some left some didn’t but there were news about more people leaving very soon.
There was a smell of a crisis in our team.
Now that the head of the team Amit, is about to leave. It was really important for me to fix the mug and give it a new meaning. I feel like the mug Amit broke symbolize our team. Just like a broken mug our team is now also falling apart and now the head of the team Amit is also leaving.
The same way the mug got fixed, our team will also rise and grow with a new leader.
Just like the mug still has Signs of fractures, a more beautiful mug was made with spiritual meaning for our team. Every person that leave our team leaves a mark even though he is not with the team anymore.
He still affects and make the team better and better,
My name is Oded
I found a broken football table in the street. I renovated, colored the players and built new legs for the table.
I announce the start of a football championship!
Team Koskos fly up to the sky!
This is an opportunity to thank you for all your great work you are all doing for Israel.
Kintsugi, a Japanese art with the ability to heal wounds, failed love or a good love. Trauma from being fired or a fight you had with your father.
Still free for those who come with a beautiful story.

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