Sectioned drawer

Custom made natural wood drawers, tailored to your depth and needs

Costume made Wooden drawers that fit tour needs pergectly

Do you wish you had a more organized kitchen? Would you like the drawers to fit yor needs perfectly and be able to decide the size given to each section in the drawer?

Tidinees helps you be mentally calm and is belived to be related to sucsses.

Everyone who is tired of the mess in the kitchen drawers (or any drawers), and wants a costume made drawer, can use Oded an Wintoch’s help.

Oded is a professional Woodworker with a rich record, who can craft the ideal drawer for you.

How is it done? It is done with your collaboration, including plan so the drawer will fit the space and niche perfectly.

After the sketching stage, Oded crafts the drawer using leftovers of natural wood, as his ideology obliges him to waste the least possible amount of materials. By the wat, the costumer can ask for drawer made of wood and formaica.

So, order Wintouch’s winning touch so you can have sectioned drawer which fits tour needs perfectly and provide dividers for spices, coffee, tea. Sugar, cutlery, cookware and bakeware, plates, and glasses.


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