Replacing kitchen doors

High-quality plywood in a variety of colors and types, or spectacular bamboo doors

Many colors of High quality sandwich wood, or stunning bamboo doors

Kitchen doors are prone to many sorts of harms, such as acratches, stains, wetness and more. Oded is an expert of rplacment and restoration of the kitchen doors so they fit the existing design, or let you change the design aestethicly.

Oded recommends on hard doors coated on both sides from sandwich wood, at a variety of colors and textures.

The options for doord from sandwich wood:

Populus tree

River birch

Peeled trees

The doors are waiting for a new modern kitchen and wether you choose eintouch style or a more modern style- Oded has some solitions that will give the kitchen the upgrsde it needed

Oded’s hot and most ecological recomandation is bamboo doors- they are strong, durable, waterproof and stuning


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