Repairs and upgrades for the kitchen

Expansion and preparation of a niche, shelves, upgrading the drawer, quiet slamming and more

Expanding and making niches, shelves, improving drawers, quite shut and more.

You want to change your kitchen, but the existing foundation makes it hard. What can we do inspite of the difficulty? We can call Oded and tell him the desired change in the kitchen. Oded touch will do the rest easily. There is no reason to put 80000 shekels for a new kitchen- everything can be fixed ans the proceses is sone with the highest level of professionality and cotumized for the buyer.

The options when changing the kitchen are diverse:

Creating a niche or an area in the kitchen-replacing electric appliance with a bigger one requires expansion of the niche. That purpose requires proper woodwork- an aesthetic proper cutting job.

Creating a new niche-creatng niches for refrigerators, dish washers and ovens. You can do it without putting large amount of money, and without destroying the entire kitchen.

Interior shelves on the cognate doors- cognates the are too deep are unfunctional. Oded’s solution is functional and aesthetic. these shelves expand the cognate’s capacity and look fantastic.

Upgrading the drawer: creating a full open mechanism- it enables full removal and increases the weight it can carry toas much as 150 kg. All by installing strong tracks and hinges.

Replacement of hinges and tracks for silent shut-new elements that will improve the functionality of the kitchen.

Installation or repair of revolving tray- revolving tray for pans and pots carriage is often the cause for many tendent problems.

Replacing rotten wood near the sink- untreated leak in the kitchen leads to wetness and mold growing. Which requires replacement of the wood. Mediocre woodworker will suggest on completely replacing the kitchen when that happens, but this problem can be solved easily without unnecessary spendings. All you need is some wintouch from a professional woodworker.

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