Renovating antique wooden doors

Scrape, polish, clean, care and reveal the beauty that lurks behind the old doors

Smoothen, peel away, clean, treat and reveal the hidden beauty behind your old wooden doors.

Behind all the paint and lacquer layers that have been applied over the years, beautiful wooden doors which are not manufactured anymore are hiding. Like antique cars, this is a collectible thar changes the vibes in the room.

Oded’s wintouch helps you reveal the beauty hidden in your old doors. He scratches, adds acid, smooths, often cleans the sand, and finally reveals the door behind all those layers of paint.

Mediocre woodworker that come across old doors will immediately recommend replacing it. This is unnecessary! Oded does not even see it as an option. He will restore it, renovate it, and make it costume made for you. It will cost less and add a unique vintage touch to the room.

Rotting wood- Did you know? Doors that are not regularly maintained, impregnated and treated with preventive treatment are prone to damage from the Israeli weather as a result of the tendent alteration between humidity and wetness to hot sunny weather. This causes the wood to dry out, rot, and crumble. Oded also knows how to treat rotten wood.

Preservation and restoration of antiqe doors is an expertise very few woodworkers hold, if there are any woodworkers who know the skill besides Oded. It is pretty, economical and serves an ecological purpose- we don’t have to throw away our old item but we retrieve them their lost beaty.

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