Rapairing and restoring wooden doors

Restoring wood, Replacing rails and mechanisms and renovating the room with a new amazing vintage look.

Replacement of rails and other mechanisms, wood renewal, and room renewal for amazing vintage look

If aesthetics, good tadte and an ecologicak ideology are values you hold, don’t rush to replace antique windows with boring aluminum windows. Yes, even if their condition is a catastrophy and you can’t see yourselves use them ever again. Let Oded use his wintouch and you won’t regret it.

Buahauses (and other houses) have amazing antique windows, but when you do not take care of the wood, the lower part gets wet as a result of rains and humidity, which cause a lot of damage to the window. Instead of replacing, we can and should renew them.

Oded replaces wood, tracks and other mechanisms- hr makes the antique window look new. This is how you provide the window and the hose with uniqueness and increase the value of the property.

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