Preservation and restoration of old kitchens

Save unnecessary money on renovation and enhance the value of the apartment thanks to an upgraded look and maximum functionality

Prevent uneccecery spendings and increase the value of the apartment with an improved look and maximum functionality

Save monet and earn money at once. This is how Oded does it with wintouch that brings the kitchen back to its golden days.

Oded’s artistic work prevents unecesery renovation and spending of tens of shekels.

Preservation of the house reveals its vintage look which increases its value. Apartments that were preserved by Oded enabled the owners to double the apartment’s value.

Oded is a woodworker with tens of years record. He is a one of its kind when it comes to industrial woodworkers. His resume includes preservation ans restoration of Bauhaus houses in Tel Aviv- he can give a solution that for any renovation required without destroying it. Only by restoring it. Have you been dreaming of an old school kitchen? Oded will make sure to reveal the kitchen’s hidden beauty.

Aging a kitchen- what does that mean? Oded’s specialty is granting an old look to the kitchen-taking a boring modern kitchen and turning it into a unique vintage looking but functional kitchen.

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