Kintsugi- a broken bowl that became a symbol for perfection

The first gift of a loving couple broke. using art we attached it back together

The first gift of a loving couple was broken and got repaired artistically.

In Japan, kintsugi is an art but it is also a philosophy that believes you do not have to throw away your old items. When a plate breaks you do not replace it, but you artistically repair it. In fact, you use the reason it broke, and take it as an inspiration for its repair

This is just like the story of a loving couple that approaches Oded. “Oded you must help us”, he said. He told Oded that his first gift he bought his mate was a white ceramic bowl. The intention behind the gift was to encourage his mate to stop using plastic plates and boxes as she used to do.

But the bowl fell and broke, and when he heard about kintsugi, he knew Oded was the man that could save the bowl. He made it clear that the bowl doesn’t need to be usable, because its meaning to him and his mate is mostly sentimental. After consulting with the costumer, Oded decided that on top of the golden gluing of the bowl, he will add colorful hearts as a symbol for their love, that can’t be broken.

The couple were very pleased with the results and decided to put it in their living room. One day their two newborn children will know about the story behind the bowl.

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