Grandma’s jewelry box came back to life

Kintzogi meaning is to fix a nostalgic and sentimental item and keep it usable

Kintsugi is also about repairing a nostalgic item with a sentimental value while keeping it useful.

By Oded’s perception, kintsugi is much more than the art originated In Japan. It is an environmental ideology that opposes throwing away that are broken- everything can be fixed.

Oded came across this sort of item not so long ago- a ceramic box that was used as a jewelry box, with a mirror in its inner part. It was a gift the owner got from her grandma before she passed away.

The family who owns that box for more than 100 years, was frustrates as one of its legs it broke. Oded used the kintsugi philosophy, and used a different method for repairing it than the traditional way. As a professional woodworker, he made a small wooden leg and brought the box back to life.

“It felt as if my grandma came back to life.”. this is exactly the essence of kintsugi.

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