Fragments of gold

Loli oded, this story was not written, and I didn’t have a favorite lamp.

Years ago, before my Military recruitment I flew to Vienna to meet a good friend of mine. There I saw a green lamp, the type of lamp you see in stories and movies and I fell in love with it.

A couple years later I found a look alike lamp in In Nahalat Binyami, even though it was way above my budged I still decided to buy it. Since than the lamp became a tenant of honor in every house I ever lived in.

The European scent and the connection it has with my beloved far away friend were present in my heart all thanks to the lamp.

In the last year, while my friend studied in Europe, my son and my beloved friend from Vienna daughter had the time to fall in love and break up.

The break up was so hard for my son. He fell in a deep state of of heartbreak and  stopped his music studies to come back to Israel.

A couple days after his return, he asked to borrow the lamp my friend gave me to his room. As he’s looking for the perfect place to put the lamp. The lamp fell and broke.

As I picked up all the broken pieces, I felt like I could not let the lamp go away like that. So I looked for someone to fix broken lamp.

And that is how I found Oded Yehuda Kintsugi artist.

My son heart is yet to heal, but today I feel as he is looking at our lamp, he learns that in his own time he will slowly fill the broken pieces in gold.

Thank you Oded – thanks to you our lamp is even more special to me.

Kintsugi (gold connections) – art of fixing and restoration

Kin=golden tsugi= connection

It is an expression of a philosophical conception that sees broken pieces and its fixing as part of the life and character of the object.

A perception that adopts imperfection, appreciating the old and the flaws created by time.

The kintsugi is just another event In the object life and strenghtens the bond with its owner, that’s why you have to pick up all of the broken pieces very carefully, even the smallest ones and reassemble them, also to add special gold between the broken pieces, with out hiding the damage.

The special gold lines between the broken pieces are used to remind us of the object failures and fragility’s.

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