Countertop for the kitchen- oak wood or bamboo?

Functional, aesthetic and cozy work surface, which adds warmth to the kitchen

An aesthetic, functional, nice work surface that adds warmth to the kitchen

It is so fun working on a wooden work surface rather than a stone surface! Using oak wood and bamboo as material for countertop is a hot trend and anyone who tried it knows how fun it is. A work surface made of wood or bamboo adds natural warmth to the kitchen- it creates appetite and makes the cooking chore on the countertop a lot nicer.

What about wetness? There is nothing to worry about. Bamboo grows in watery places and is naturally not affected by water, and the oak can be waterproof by impregnation of paint and natural oil. When scratches and stains appear, a second layer of paint and oil can be applied.

What about the quality and aesthetics? Oded uses only materials of the highest quality, which he gets with a variety of designs, textures, and colors. Besides the quality of the materials, Oded’s work quality is an art itself. Oded Yehuda Talusi is a woodworker, welder and artist, who uses new technologies, chooses carefully all his materials and puts eggort on the plans and design of very aesthetic work surfaces. Everything is costume made, and peronlized for the costumer’s needs and demands.

What is bamboo? Bamboo is a plant with an ecological advantage- it regrows after being cut, just like bananas. It is a strong material the doesn’t wear, and has a natural stunning look.

Countertop made of bamboo? By attaching two pieces of bamboo, Oded forms a 4cm natural and strong, that is appealing and creates appetite.

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