Cosmetic care for the doors

Formica problem? treatment and painting will redesign the kitchen with an amazing look and without replacing a single door

Formaica problem? Painting and proper treatment will redesign the kitchen and give it an amazing look without replacing even one door.

An explosion of the kitchen door formaica  is a disturbing look. The brown color of the wood is seen underneath the white formaica.

The problem: when you replace formaica entirely changes the door’s visual look., even if it is the same formaica. It won’t look the same because the old formaica will have a more dull color.

Ask any woodworker and he will say- replace the whole kitchen. Often youwill find yourself paying 30000 shekels for ten new doors only because two doors were damaged.

Oded does it differently-there is no need for replacing the door, but for a cosmetic  treatment. The doors might look old drom their inside, but the outside can be altered by coloring it with the color of your choice so it looks new.

Painting is an art itself- painting can be used for refreshing the look,  for granting a vintage look, and for grantinf color and life. You can buy a boring  kitchen for a low price, refresh it and put life in it.

When you have a rented apartment, coloring with” shavi shik” is a shifty  yet effective solution  for renewing the kitchen door look, without wasting money on expensive renovations and replacments.

A cosmetic treatment or alteration can be done even for damaged handles and grant the house a new look


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