Changes in furniture: changes in size and purpose

Carpentry work that adapts furniture to a niche or turns a wooden cabinet into a table

You moved apartment but your library does not fit in the existing niche due to 5 cm excess. There is a solution, Oded can with carpentry and shortening construction change the size of the furniture and adapt it to the new conditions.

It’s all part of a worldview that opposes throwing away old furniture and replacing it. Oded’s professional carpentry work can adapt any piece of furniture in the world to the dimensions you need or turn it into something completely new.

Want an example? Changing a goal for furniture is an art that can turn furniture that has fallen out of use or been replaced with new ones into something completely different. Take a wooden cabinet and turn it into a table and chairs – with Oded there is no limit to the possibilities, just like the imagination.

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