Furniture: Cabinets, Drawers and Chairs

your furniture been damaged or in bad condition? Oded is the master in the field and offers a variety of solutions for repairing, restoring and maintenance of old furniture.Oded provides his clients with a studio in Ramat Gan for repairing chairs, whether they are broken, swaying or those in need of color repair. The work is carried out within a few days – it is possible to pick up or get it delivered back and fourth. And the prices? Attractive and affordable.

Fixing dining chairs, wooden chairs, wooden tables, dismantling and re-gluing of cabinets, replacement and renovation of padding and fabrics, renovation of Politura- Oded does everything with maximum professionalism and out of love for the recycling and restoration of old furniture.

A nursing chair that went through restoration

Second hand chair after restoration became a spectacular nursing chair that connects the family

Old cabinets are the strongest, The best

Renovation of one hundred rooms at the Herods Hotel – Tel Aviv

Politura for furniture: Restoration and color renovation

Wood politura provides him with prodections and adds a deep and aesthetic look

A glass display cabinet that became a table

A wooden glass-fronted display was dismantled and converted into table with wheels - ideal recycling

Recycling, renovation, restoration and aging of furniture

Old furniture and objects can come back to life with preservation of the vintage look.

Repair of opening mechanisms of dining tables

The magic touch that brings the old table back to usage - No one else can do it

Renovation of Holy Arks

Disassembly and assembly, niche adjustment, defect repair and polishing Politura

Repair and restoration of antique furniture

a broken antique wooden tabke came in delivery, But that wont stop Oded

Furniture renovation, paint renovation, politura and finishes for old antique furniture.