Repair of chairs.
Repair of dining chairs, wooden chairs, wooden tables.
Disassembly and re-gluing with pencil cases.
Bring chairs to the studio in Ramat Gan and collect after a few days.
There is a wave service for round trip transportation.

Upholstery and polishing for antique chairs.
Upholstery and renovation of a chair or sofa in a selection of fabrics.
Restoration of antique chairs, polishing renewal, repair and restoration.

Polishing for chests of drawers, cabinets and old objects.
Restoration, restoration, polishing, defect treatment and carpentry repairs.

Repairing Grandma’s old closet.

Upholstery of old chairs to a new condition that also includes paint
Renovation of worn out furniture to a new condition that looks like it was created yesterday.
Sometimes we got furniture from Grandpa the carpenter or a closet from Grandma and want to maintain, preserve or repair.
Sometimes we combine old furniture in a new home to balance the room with innovative furniture.
Sometimes we put old furniture in a business conference room to signal that we are many years in the industry and there is no substitute for our company’s professional experience.

The result is always beautiful, exciting and adds content and depth to any space.

We are looking for old turntable and radio customers.
Look for and install dressers and prepare them for the sink in a bathroom or kitchen in a different style.
Facilities and renovations in the workshop in Ramat Gan Broken chairs.
Restoring old furniture, polishing with classic materials as before.
Bleach furniture or spread, paint, sand and polish high-level tables.
Much of the work is done at the client’s home.

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Renovation of an old rocking chair.

Repair of chairs and armchairs and renewal of upholstery

Re-gluing, replacing upholstery, repairing the support straps - everything can be taken care of

Changes in furniture: changes in size and purpose

Carpentry work that adapts furniture to a niche or turns a wooden cabinet into a table