Apartment renovation, vintage style

Complete apartment renovation, with years of experience and thousands of customers gave us many ideas on how to redecorate a whole apartment, vintage style.

Once you tear down walls, house renovation goes into high gear. It usually involves changing the flooring, and if you change your flooring you’re going to replace your installation, just in case. But, the greatest cost is changing  the kitchen counters. That usually involves changing flooring, ceramics, installation and everything in between.

Just replacing the flooring is expensive, all by itself, but such practice can be circumvented. Many professionals either don’t know, or are ill inclined to recycle or restore, simply because changing everything possible, is more lucrative, for them. However, it’s not the only way to renovate a house.

With our years of experience, we know how to do just that. Renovate by restoring, and refurbishing the old, making it new again. It’s not only cost-efficient, but can also be very artistic. There’s a certain depth you just can’t make with mass-produced furniture. Taking a few of grandfather’s furniture, renovating others, turning them to kitchen utilities, tiles or sink. Using hand-pained floor tiles in the living room, can really bring out an apartment’s unique qualities.

The renovation process takes place with Oded and the family members living in the apartment. Let’s discuss your case:

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