A broken phone that became a figurine commemorating a failed love

A personal story of a breakup between a father and his daughter, has become a figurine that symbolizes pain and insult

Children who are disconnected from their parents is in a difficult and heartbreaking situation. One day a father, whose name is stored in the system, discovered through a name recognition app that his daughter, who has been disconnected with him for 15 years, kept him under the name “Daddy bitch not to answer”.

The father was very hurt, but it was precisely from this pain that an idea came to perpetuate the pain, the unrequited love for the daughter. With the help of an old phone that was disassembled and along with a lot of creativity, a figurine of a bitch was built consisting of the phone handset and other parts of the device. Wooden legs were also attached to it.

Sometimes the best way to deal with pain is to perpetuate it – with humor and creativity.

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