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About Myself

Oded Yehuda Tlusty has dozens of years’ experience renovating and preserving furniture. As a professional woodworker, he can preserve, maintain, reconstruct and redesign kitchens, doors and furnishing.

What is interior preservation? Interior preservation is a new method for renovating your house without destroying it: Repairing, reconstructing, restoring the old and making it new again thus creating a unique look for all rooms in the house.

The advantages of interior preservation

Cost: A lot of money can be saved over by renovating instead of replacing furniture.

Uniqueness: Antique furniture adds a unique feel to your house.

Ecology: By renovating instead of replacing, we create less trash and reduce our carbon footprint.

My phone number: 050-7322970

Wintoch’s services

I specialize in Kitchens, Doors, Windows, Kintsugi, Bathrooms, Furniture and Curtains


Renewals and repairs that are artistic and cost-efficient


Upgrades and repairs that save money and add taste

Doors and Windows

Amazing repairs and renewals

Doors and windows

Beautiful repairs and renewals


The Japanese art which gives household items and furniture a second life


The amazing Japanese art which gives items second life


Many useful aesthetic renwals


Many useful aesthetic renwals

Furniture, Chairs and Drawers

Furniture, chairs and drawers


Repair, renewal, and cleaning


Repair, renewal, and cleaning


Preserve memories so they will never be forgoten


Preserve memories so they will never be forgotten

Wabi sabi

The beauty of modesty, and the magic behind simplicity

Wabi Sabi

The beauty of modesty, the magic behind simplicity
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